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What makes humans different from animals is the mind. The origin of Mind and thought is in the abstract plane of conscious intelligence which is manifested through the symbols of language. There is a common misunderstanding that the brain is the common source of the mind. But the brain is just a physical instrument of the mind. The conscious forces combine together to form the mind and help in the manifestation of the powers of the mind.

--------The mind is everything that you think is what you become -Buddha---------

Maindo originated from the Japanese word which means the mind. Maindo was established on March 9th 2016 with the aim of providing superior quality and approachable counselling services to people with major and minor mental health problems. We are the best place to visit for people who are facing psychological issues in their daily lives. 

 Our aim at Maindo is to heal people through psychotherapy and counselling in the most professional and supportive environment. The Clinic offers cognitive assessment and therapy services to people of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults and older adults. 

The Purpose of Psychotherapy is to set people Free -Rollo May

Treatment at Maindo  Psychotherapy and Counselling Centre is provided by professional Clinical psychologists, psychologist and counsellors. All Clinical Psychologist are professionally registered Under the Rehabilitation Council Of India [RCI]. Psychologist and counsellors have received regular professional supervision from qualified, senior Clinical Psychologist also the counsellors receive supervision from qualified professionals.

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